Pro Line Disc

RIDATA Pro Line Discs are revolutionarily designed with better compatibility, stability, higher quality and durable preservation qualities.

RIDATA Pro Line Line discs use an exclusive high quality Phase material in the recording layer that ensures reliable recording and playback. With the high quality organic dye, Pro discs provide best durability to store and protect important data for long life. Especially designed for Scientific, Research, High quality performance, and other professional use.

CD-R Specification

Item Ritek Spec. or Ability Remarks Instrument
Eccentricity ≦50μm Writing by
LITE-ON _52327
Eccentricity 0.3~0.7;
I11/Itop (I11R Avg.) ≧0.60
BLER (Avg.) <50cps
BLER (Max.) <200cps
E32tot =0
3T Pit (Land) Jitter ≦45 ns
11T Pit (Land) Jitter ≦45 ns
Ppa (Push-Pull) 0.08 ~ 0.12
Cross Talk <50%
Reflectivity (Rtop avg.) ≧60%
RN <30

DVD-R Specification

Recorded Characteristic
Item Spec Remarks Instrument
I3/I14 (Resolution) >0.15 Writing by
I14/I14H (I14 Modulation) >0.6
PI SUM8 (max) <160
POF =0
Bottom Jitter <10% (1)
Reflectivity 45~85%

(1) The book spec of bottom jitter is '<8%', but this spec is defused by playability data.